Registration a Success!

  • March 6, 2009

Registration for QuakeCon 2009 is open!

Head on over to:

Tonight was perhaps our smoothest registration ever! The credit goes to our Resident Canadienne Wizard, Thrax. Also a big thanks goes to Star QuakeCon Volunteer Slimicus for his relentless load testing. Excellent work, guys!

Some Reg Night stats:

  • daten was the very first person to register. Congratulations!
  • It took 5 minutes 38 seconds for the first 1000 people to register.
  • After one hour, 1750 people were registered.
  • After one hour, the BYOC was over half full.
  • After one hour, 88.75% of registrants were male, 11.35% were female.
  • The registration server crashed zero times.