QuakeCon Europe Event Guidelines



These Event Guidelines & Rules (“Event Rules”) apply to the following “Event”:

Event QuakeCon® Europe
Dates 26th – 27th July 2019
Venue Printworks London
Organiser ZeniMax Europe Limited

Any use of “ZeniMax” ‘we’, ‘us’ or ‘our’ shall be a reference to ZeniMax Europe Limited, its representatives and agents and use of “ticketholder”, ‘you’, ‘your’ shall be a reference to the registered ticketholder.

If you have any questions or require any clarification of these rules, please contact us at [email protected].


Outdoor queuing space will be available from 8.00 a.m. on the day of the Event which is one hour before the doors to the Venue are scheduled to open.


At the point of admission, you will be asked to present an electronic or physical copy of your Event ticket and valid ID (Passport, European ID card or Driving Licence only). The name displayed on your ticket must match that on your presented ID.


Failure by you to present a valid electronic or physical copy of your ticket and/or suitable ID may result in automatic refusal of entry to the Event. Falsification of age will result in immediate refusal and you will be asked to leave the Venue.


Nobody under the age of 18 years will be permitted entry to the Event.


All ticketholders are permitted to bring a single bag, which will be subject to a bag search at the point of admission. Please see the Prohibited Items Rules for guidance on what items are not permitted at the Event.


Please note that while bulky items are not strictly ‘Prohibited Items’ by virtue of the Event Rules, ZeniMax will adopt a common-sense approach in allowing these items to be brought into the Event. We reserve the absolute discretion on this matter and will require ticketholders to dispose of refused items in a suitable and safe manner prior to granting you admission into the Event.


All Event activities such as the general sessions, panel discussions, table top events, and the expo floor are open to all ticketholders. The Event operating hours, schedules, guests and speakers are all subject to change or cancellation without notice to the ticketholder.



Seating will be allocated on a ‘first come, first served’ basis. Where it is possible to reserve a time slot for one of the Event activities, please visit the Info Desk at the Event or ask a member of staff for more information.


You will have the opportunity to purchase food, drink and merchandise at this Event. The Event is a cashless event and vendors will only be accepting major credit cards, bank cards and contactless payment methods (e.g. Apple Pay) to complete transactions.

All transactions with independent vendors at the Event will be subject to that vendor’s Terms & Conditions and refund policy. ZeniMax is not liable to offer refunds or exchanges for any items purchased from an independent vendor at the Event and if you should seek to return a purchase, please consult the vendor’s refund policies and contact them directly.


ZeniMax will have a zero-tolerance approach to offensive and disruptive conduct at the Event and the following types of behaviour are prohibited:

  • intimidation;
  • offensive verbal language;
  • causing inappropriate and unwanted physical contact;
  • causing unwanted attention to another’s gender, gender presentation, sexual orientation, race, age, body size, religion, citizenship, pregnancy, colour; nationality or citizenship, disability or physical appearance;
  • physical assault and/or battery;
  • stalking or harassing behaviour including bathroom policing;
  • taking non-consensual photographs or recordings of other attendees;
  • causing sustained disruption of processes or activities at the Event including the admissions queue, the panel discussions, exhibitions, merchandise and food stalls, etc;
  • failing to follow the instructions of ZeniMax staff or activity rules;
  • attempting to damage or destroy property belonging to the Venue, ZeniMax or a third party including without limitation, hacking computer software;
  • acting in a manner that is contrary to the Venue’s security policy, Health & Safety rules or prohibited by law.
  • Any other behaviour prohibited by the Venue in the Venue Rules available on its website at printworkslondon.co.uk.

This is not an exhaustive list and any ticketholder found to be demonstrating any of the above behaviour or is otherwise negatively affecting the enjoyment of others at the Event may be removed.

Concerns or complaints for disruptive or offensive behaviour of others should be reported immediately to a member of the ZeniMax staff at the Event and it is strongly recommended that you do not attempt to take matters into your own hands.


Ticketholders are welcome to come dressed for the occasion, however if you decide to come in cosplay, we ask that you make sensible choices in terms of costume and props. Please consider all the following cosplay guidelines:

  • Costumes incorporating any of the ‘Prohibited Items’ mentioned below will be prohibited.
  • Imitation firearms should be easily identifiable from most angles as replicas, or otherwise marked with a visible brightly coloured tip.
  • Actual or assumed nudity (whether full or partial) including prosthetic genitalia is not allowed.
  • Costumes that incorporate or depict indecent or offensive images or text are not permitted. This includes offensive slogans, emblems and/or uniforms.
  • Costume or prop dimensions should be sensible and should not create an obstruction, from both the perspective of health & safety but also where the costume or prop would reasonably cause a nuisance to others at the Event and inhibit their enjoyment.

This list is not exhaustive, and ZeniMax staff will have the discretion to make an assessment of suitability on the day of the Event. If you have any concerns about your intended costume or would like to seek further guidance, please contact us at [email protected].

Please be sensible when transporting imitation weapons outside of the Event and we recommend imitation weapons are not carried openly in public areas.


The following items are strictly prohibited and should not be brought to the Event:

  • Glass bottles or other glass vessels;
  • Food or drink from offsite save for exceptional circumstances where specifically approved
  • Alcohol;
  • Metal blades of any kind including knives, axes, swords, daggers;
  • Any other metal and/or heavy item that could be potentially be used as a weapon (e.g. hammers, crowbars, power tools, etc);
  • Firearms including guns, rifles, or artillery (e.g. BB guns, paintball guns, airguns) or any parts thereof;
  • Drones, pressurised containers and gas canisters;
  • Materials, substances or devices that are either hazardous, chemical, explosive, combustible or may be in any other way be harmful to the Venue or others; and
  • Any item otherwise prohibited from being carried by law or prohibited by the Venue in the Venue Rules available on its website at printworkslondon.co.uk.

Any ticketholder found to be in possession of the above may be refused entry to or removed from the Event, and additionally have the Prohibited Item confiscated.


We want all ticketholders to be able to take away as many memories from the Event and the details of their experience with others. For this reason, ZeniMax is happy for you to take photographs and recording of the activities and public spaces at the Event to document this exciting experience.

If you are planning to take pictures or recordings at the Event, you should be aware of the following rules:

  • Make sure your equipment is not unnecessarily obstructing the view or path of other attendees and if it is unreasonably impeding the enjoyment of others, we may ask you to stop;
  • ZeniMax provides each ticketholder with a limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable royalty-free license to use certain images or performances of the software and trademarks owned or licensed by ZeniMax for your personal use and for non-commercial purposes.
  • Each ticketholder is put on notice that there will be filming and photography at the Event by the Event Organisers but also by other ticketholders. Even so, if another attendee clearly indicates to you that they are uncomfortable with you photographing or recording them, we expect you to act respectfully, remove any stored images of them on your device and make reasonable efforts to avoid capturing them going forward.
  • ZeniMax reserves the right for our staff to approach, question and inspect the device of any ticketholder in order to ascertain compliance with these rules. We may ask you to stop your photography or filming.

Filming, recording and photography of the Event will also be performed by or on behalf of ZeniMax and by attending the Event you will be deemed to have agreed to the terms of the Event Organiser Image Release which can be found at https://www.quakecon.org/europe-photography-and-video-release


ZeniMax reserves the right to refuse entry or otherwise remove any person deemed to be violating the above Event Rules. The decision of our staff in these instances shall be final and ZeniMax has the full power and sole discretion in the matter of interpreting, amending and enforcing these Event Rules.

In the event a ticketholder is denied entry, their ticket is cancelled, or access is withdrawn to the Event as a result of a violation of the rules contained herein, no compensation shall be payable to the ticketholder.

Any matters that are not specifically covered by the preceding Event Rules, Ticket Terms & Conditions, FAQs shall be subject solely to the decision of ZeniMax and the Venue who shall have full power in the matter of interpretation, amendment, and enforcement of all said rules and regulations.

If you would like clarification of the rules or guidance contained herein, please contact us at [email protected].